MyStorageOK Self-Storage Unit Pricing

Our portable storage units come in four great options to meet your needs:
Direct Purchase
Standard Lease (SRTO)
Accelerated Lease Program (ALP)
Rental Program

My Storage Oklahoma Direct Purchase

Our 8’X12.5’ all-steel portable self-storage unit is available for direct purchase at only $2499.
Short or long-term storage, the MyStorageOK simple portable storage solution means no more searching yellow pages for self-storage facilities and hauling everything there and back. We bring the storage unit right to your location.
Delivery & set-up fees due upon delivery. Additional fees and taxes may apply.

MyStorageOK Standard Lease Program (Only $65 per month)

We realize that most people wish to own a self-storage unit but may not be in a position to afford the purchase or even make a down payment. Our $65 per month Lease program is perfect for these customers with no down payment and 40% of each rental payment accrues in a reserve account as a rent credit.


At any time, your rent credits can be applied to the purchase of your storage unit.
Requirements: First month’s rental payment of $65 and delivery fee.
(Delivery and set up fee, as well as taxes will apply please contact us about pricing for your area).

My Storage Oklahoma Accelerated Lease Program

MyStorageOK also offers a no-credit-check, everyone's-approved lease Credit Program. Our Accelerated Lease programs are perfect for customers who want to pay off their units a little bit sooner. With no down payment and a percentage of each rental payment accrues in a reserve account as a lease credit that goes toward the purchase of your new MyStorageOK building.

You make monthly rental payments, but unlike storage rental where you pay and pay but never own anything, when you pay out the term of your My Storage Oklahoma lease the buildings is yours! The best part is you can call us and pay off your building at any time with no penalty.

Requirements: first months rent and delivery fee*
$65 a month for 84 months
$100 a month for 36 months
$140 a month for 24 months
$250 a month for 12 months
*(Applicable fees, delivery, and tax Not Included).

MyStorageOK Rental Program

Our rental program is a simple monthly rental for a portable self-storage unit. Monthly rent is only $69 with no down payment. Delivery fees and taxes will apply.